Current Career Opportunities

Part-time Environmental Scientist

Pathfinder Environmental, LLC, is an environmental consulting business located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We currently seek a contract environmental scientist to support our work in New Mexico. The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:

  • A background in either archaeology or biology.
  • 15+ years of experience, Master’s Degree (or higher) preferred.
  • The ability to independently perform fieldwork associated with your area of expertise (biology or archaeology).
  • Perform the necessary associated research, prepare complete, well-written, and organized reports that will be accepted by the necessary agencies involved.
  • Proven experience preparing NEPA documents.
  • NEPA skills should include the ability to write most, if not all, of an Environmental Assessment for different agencies with different requirements, Environmental Information Documents (EIDs), Environmental Reports (ERs), Environmental Narratives (ENs), etc. as well as detailed Categorical Exclusions for different agencies.
  • Proven ability to successfully manage projects from start to finish.
  • Proposal development skills including the ability to write focused personal bios and project approaches for proposals.
  • Excellent communication skills with clients.
  • Experience with public involvement a plus.
  • GIS skills a plus, but definitely not necessary.

While this position would start out on an on-call, as needed basis, Pathfinder is growing and has plenty of work to keep the selected candidate busy right away and the position would likely become full-time (or part-time if preferred) in a few months.

Interested professionals should submit current resume and cover letter to Devin Kennemore via email here: devin@pathfinderenvironmental